Generation 1 has been deprecated and is not recommended for new applications.

Generation 1

The following resources are available at the Rack level:

  • memcached
  • mysql
  • postgres
  • redis
  • s3
  • sns
  • sqs
  • syslog
  • webhooks

Creating a Resource

$ convox rack resources create postgres
Creating resource... OK, postgres-8458


$ convox rack resources create postgres Encrypted=true MultiAZ=true

You can see the available options for a resource type using the CLI:

$ convox resources options postgres
NAME                        DEFAULT      DESCRIPTION
AllocatedStorage            10           Allocated storage size (GB)
BackupRetentionPeriod       1            The automatic RDS backup retention period, (default 1 day)
Database                    app          Default database name
Encrypted                   false        Encrypt database with KMS
EngineVersion               9.6          Version of Postgres
Family                      postgres9.6  Postgres version family
InstanceType                db.t2.micro  Instance class for database nodes
MultiAZ                     false        Multiple availability zone
Password                    (generated)  Server password
Username                    postgres     Server username

Updating a Resource

$ convox rack resources update postgres-8458 MultiAZ=true

Deleting a Resource

$ convox rack resources delete postgres-8458
Deleting postgres-8458... OK