Convox Rack

Convox Rack is an open source deployment platform that is installed into your AWS account. A Rack creates and manages all of the underlying infrastructure needed to run and monitor your applications. A Rack is the unit of network isolation – applications and services on a Rack can only communicate with other applications and services on the same Rack.

Dynamic Runtime

A Rack will start multiple identical servers on which it will containerize and run your applications. By using a homogenous runtime we can treat each individual server as disposable and recover easily from common failure scenarios.

Private Network

Each Rack creates a private network inside which it runs its servers and services. All access from the internet comes through load balancers which are specifically configured to route traffic to your containers.


Backing resources such as Postgres, MySQL, or Redis can be easily installed into your Rack. Once installed, these resources are only accessible to applications running on that Rack. Convox resources are backed by powerful primitives in the underlying infrastructure such as RDS and ElastiCache.