Running Locally

Running your application locally requires a Development Rack to be installed.

Starting Your Application

Once you have a Development Rack, you can go to the directory containing your application code and run convox start.

    $ convox start
    build  | uploading source
    build  | starting build
    build  | Authenticating Login Succeeded
    build  | Building: .
    build  | Sending build context to Docker daemon  114.4MB
    build  | Step 1/5 : FROM golang:1.13 AS development
    build  |  ---> 272e3f68338f
    build  | Step 2/5 : ENV DEVELOPMENT=true
    build  |  ---> 8323381038aa
    build  | Step 3/5 : COPY . .
    build  |  ---> e87c93ad5c25
    build  | Step 4/5 : RUN go install ./cmd/web
    build  |  ---> 0be9da9a42c6
    build  | Step 5/5 : CMD ["bin/development", "web"]
    build  |  ---> e87c93ad5c25
    build  | Successfully built e87c93ad5c25
    build  | Successfully tagged 66608a93037391937ae7bdd4e148189d1369d38e:latest
    build  | Running: docker tag 66608a93037391937ae7bdd4e148189d1369d38e dev/myapp:web.BABCDEFGHI
    build  | Running: docker tag dev/myapp:web.BABCDEFGHI
    build  | Running: docker push
    convox | starting sync from . to . on web
    web    | Scaled up replica set web-786b6d8f5d to 1
    web    | Created pod: web-786b6d8f5d-l9jd2
    web    | Successfully assigned dev-convox/web-786b6d8f5d-l9jd2 to docker-desktop
    web    | Container image "" already present on machine
    web    | Created container main
    web    | make: '/go/bin/web' is up to date.
    web    | ns=web at=listen hostname="web.convox" proto="https" addr=":3000"

Code Sync

Convox automatically synchronizes your local changes up to the Development Rack so that you can work using your favorite editor.

All files or directories that appear in a COPY or ADD directive in your Dockerfile will be synchronized.

Files or directories that appear in .dockerignore will not be synchronized.

Development Target

You can use a build target named development in your Dockerfile to work locally on an application that will be later compiled to a binary and have its source code removed before deploying to production.

    FROM golang:1.13 AS development
    COPY . .
    RUN go install ./cmd/web
    CMD ["bin/development", "web"]

    FROM ubuntu:18.04 as production
    COPY --from=development /go/bin/web /app/web
    CMD ["/app/web"]

In this example during convox start only the first section of the Dockerfile will be run. This allows you to work in a container that contains the full source code where you can set CMD to a script that automatically recompiles and reloads the application when the source code is changed.

When deploying to production the entire Dockerfile would be run and you would end up with a bare ubuntu:18.04 container with only the compiled binary copied into it.