CLI Rack Management

Updating a Rack

Updating to the latest version

    $ convox rack update
    Updating rack... OK

Pinning to a specific version

    $ convox rack update 3.0.0
    Updating rack... OK

Managing Parameters

Viewing current parameters

    $ convox rack params
    node_disk  20
    node_type  t3.small

Setting parameters

    $ convox rack params set node_disk=30 node_type=c5.large
    Setting parameters... OK

Available Parameters

The parameters available for your Rack depend on the underlying cloud provider.

Amazon Web Services

Name Default
node_capacity_type on_demand
node_disk 20
node_type t3.small
region us-east-1
high_availability * true
proxy_protocol ** false
vpc_id ***

* Parameter cannot be changed after rack creation

** Setting proxy_protocol in an existing rack will require a 5 - 10 minutes downtime window.

*** To avoid CIDR block collision with existing VPC subnets, please add a new CIDR block to your VPC to separate rack resources. Also, remember to pass the internet_gateway_id attached to the VPC. If the VPC doesn’t have an IG attached, the rack installation will create one automatically, which will also be destroyed if you delete the rack.

*** schedule_rack_scale_down and schedule_rack_scale_up are mutually exclusive. So you have to set both of them properly for the scheduled timed off. If you set only schedule_rack_scale_down, it will not scale up on its own.


Digital Ocean

Name Default
node_type s-2vcpu-4gb
region nyc3
registry_disk 50Gi
high_availability * true

* Parameter cannot be changed after rack creation


Google Cloud

Name Default
node_type n1-standard-1


Microsoft Azure

Name Default
node_type Standard_D3_v3
region eastus