Primitives are the building blocks available to build an App on Convox. Apps are deployed and run on your Rack, the platform overlaid on your cloud infrastructure.

Primitives can be easily composed to provide useful functionality that lets you focus on the things that make your App unique.

App Primitives

Primitive Description
Balancer Custom TCP load balancers in front of a Service
Build Compiled version of a codebase
Object Blob/file storage
Process Running containers created by running a command on a Release
Release Units of deployment consisting of a Build and a set of environment variables
Resource Network-accessible external services (e.g. Postgres)
Service Horizontally-scalable collections of durable Processes
Timer Runs one-off Processes on a scheduled interval

Coming Soon

Primitive Description
Cache Store data with timed expiration
Feature Toggleable feature flags
Identity User, group, and permission management
Key Encrypt and decrypt data
Lock Coordinate exclusive access
Mail Send and receive email
Metric Store and analyze time-series data
Queue An expandable list of items to be processed
Search Full-text indexing of data
Stream Subscribable one-to-many data stream
Table Indexable rows of key/value data

Rack Primitives

Primitive Description
Instance Node that provides capacity for running Processes
Registry External image repository