CLI Rack Management

Updating a Rack

Updating to the latest version

$ convox rack update
Updating rack... OK

Pinning to a specific version

$ convox rack update 3.0.0
Updating rack... OK

Managing Parameters

Viewing current parameters

$ convox rack params
node_disk  20
node_type  t3.small

Setting parameters

$ convox rack params set node_disk=30 node_type=c5.large
Setting parameters... OK

Available Parameters

The parameters available for your Rack depend on the underlying cloud provider.

Amazon Web Services

Name Default
node_disk 20
node_type t3.small
region us-east-1

Digital Ocean

Name Default
node_type s-2vcpu-4gb
region nyc3
registry_disk 50Gi

Google Cloud

Name Default
node_type n1-standard-1

Microsoft Azure

Name Default
node_type Standard_D3_v3
region eastus