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A Rack is a platform to build, deploy and host your Apps. It runs either locally on your own machine for development purposes or within your cloud infrastructure.

Command Line Interface

Getting information about a Rack

$ convox rack -r myrack
Name      myrack
Provider  aws
Status    running
Version   3.0.0

$ convox rack params -r myrack

Configuring a Rack

$ convox rack params set node_type=t3.medium
Updating parameters... Upgrading modules...
Downloading for system...

Updating a Rack

$ convox rack update -r myrack
Upgrading modules...
Downloading for system...
Apply complete! Resources: 0 added, 12 changed, 0 destroyed.


api =
provider = aws

Retrieving Rack logs

$ convox rack logs -r myrack

Uninstalling a Rack

$ convox rack uninstall myrack