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A Process is a running container that is created by running a command on a Release.

Long-running Processes are created by Services and will be automatically recreated upon termination.

One-off Processes are created with convox run.

Command Line Interface

Running a One-off Process

$ convox run web bash -a myapp

You can run a one-off Process using any Release with the --release option.

Listing Processes

$ convox ps -a myapp
ID                    SERVICE  STATUS   RELEASE     STARTED       COMMAND
web-0a1b2c3d4e-8wkjj  web      running  RABCDEFGHI  1 day ago     bin/web
web-96x6s             web      running  RABCDEFGHI  1 minute ago  bash

Getting Information about a Process

$ convox ps info web-6499468bf8-8wkjj -a myapp
Id        web-6499468bf8-8wkjj
App       myapp
Command   bin/web
Instance  node-0a1b2c3d4e
Service   web
Started   1 day ago
Status    running

Terminating a Process

$ convox ps stop web-6499468bf8-8wkjj -a myapp
Stopping web-6499468bf8-8wkjj... OK

Terminating a Process that is part of a Service will cause a new Process to be started to replace it.